Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Full Auto Range Report As Promised!

4 words-

A K Forty Seven

So I went to the hot sandy range. "Here you go!" And I was handed a nice clean Romanian folding stock AK, 1971 production.

3 more-

Unlimited Free Ammo.

"Load up over there." A big stack of ham cans of ammo. Russian or Bulgarian (I can't read Cyrillic), 1969.

2 more-

No Cleanup.

Hold on, I am misting up. Better now.

I'd shot a wood stock AK before, but there were a couple of things about this one that gave me pause. The folding steel stock had a sharp looking steel buttplate. And the rear sling swivel fitting was on the right rear of the receiver. So I figured between the stock on my shoulder and the swivel in my nose, I would take a beating.

So I loaded up some magazines and got ready to go. (I know, no loading lackeys. I must advise the management...)

I snuggled right in, and POW! Hmm, no broken nose, shoulder feels fine. POW! Still unwounded.

POW! POW! POW! Still fine...

So I fired off 60 rounds. Fun! It's strange the rubbery feel that an AK has, the trigger and recoil both give a feeling of being spring loaded. My target was not very meaningful as it was only 50 yards and I was not trying very hard. But I would have hit a hajji every time. Plus, there's that other switch position...

Which, by the way, is strange to me. The AK safety lever is copied from John Browning, but it goes Safe- Full- Semi. Back asswards from every other safety in the world.

So I loaded up a few more, and went back to the line. I was sensible, the first couple of magazines were 5, then 10, then 15. Miss Cautious, that's me.

Again I snuggled close...


Talk about rubbery, full auto means that is amplified way up. The thing like bucks in your hands, jumping and climbing. On full auto I couldn't hit very well, out of 5 I'd have a couple in the hit zone.

But practice makes better, and by the 6th or 7th magazine I was doing alright. I could control 5ish shot bursts reasonably well out of a 30 rounder.

But really, it's not for precision firing is it?

Load Load Load Load...

So I just started burning ammo. I was shooting from a crouchy hip position, and to start with I didn't even use a target. I picked out a nice dusty wall and used the puffs to aim, like it was a garden hose. I found recoil much more bearable, I could get into a rhythm and push back correctly against the bouncing. This thing definitely does its job, which is after all to let poorly trained draftees throw lots of bullets at the enemies of the Rodina.

Also it has really good power for what it is. It just chews through sandbags, cinder blocks, car engines, what have you.


This was fun. All range sessions should be so enjoyable.

If I were taking a rifle downtown, I can't think of one I'd rather have. It's WAY better than an M16, because of the power and compact size. A bullpup .223 is smaller still, but I admit I like the heftier cartridge. I don't like the gimcrack feel of the trigger, but that's just because I'm used to better quality. The rifle altogether is well built and solid, no toylike feel like a 16. It certainly shoots just fine within urban ranges.

Not out in the country because past 100 yards it's just not a reliable hitter because of the rotten trigger.

Shame they don't come in a bullpup. And please, a wider buttplate, and that swivel still makes me nervous even though it didn't break my nose. My delicate shoulder was purple the next day.

Weird factlet- one of my fellow shooters that day was anothe American who had been in Vietnam. I thought it was strange that here he was, shooting a rifle and ammo that had been made to kill him. Just for fun. Enjoying the dustbin of history, Vladmir Ilyich?

Fun thing- after I shot the hell out of it, throwing the smoking sizzling thing down on the pile and picking up another one to burn out.

I'll post the pictures tonight.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Fatwa me, ragheads!

I can't draw, but fuck Mohammed ( pork be up him ) with a pig's corkscrew dick.

The hell with all this religious stupidity.

All of it. Moslems who would rather burn an Embassy than build a school. Cardinals who provide shelter for child raping priests. Christians who are so upset over what goes in an actor's ass that they won't see a movie that portrays their faith in action. Jews who claim a unique God given right to possess a particular stretch of dirt. Inquisitors,imams, shamans, the lot.

Believe what you want, but leave everyone who doesn't share your belief the hell alone.


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