Friday, July 29, 2005


Is 2 senators a circle jerk?

So I happen to land on cspan yesterday and there's Dick Turban. He says (mol) " could that 10 year old boy sue the gun dealer who sold the gun illegally? You have read the bill, will it?"

He's obviously talking about the pending bill which protects gun makers from frivolous lawsuits. So I wait for the slap from whoever he's asking, explaining that the bill doesn't prevent such a suit.

They cut over to Reed of Rhode Island, a big anti gunner.

"Why no, senator, it won't. No matter what badness a gun dealer does he is exempt."

"How terrible. Tell me, Honorable Senator From Rhode Island, isn't it true that most of the straw sales are made by a minority of dealers?"

"That is correct, Senator. What an unexpected question. In fact in your very own State of Illinois, 47 dealers accounted for 3 or more of the 288 guns traced to crime, a mere 1.62% of Illinois gun dealers."

"Thank you, Honorable Senator From Rhode Island, for that information. I had no idea, I have done no research. Since 542 guns traced from 16 dealers in Mississippi were traced to 28 homicides and 86 robberies in Chicago, won't this bill prevent that"?

"O no, Honorable Senator From Illinois, it will do nothing of the kind. All it will do is prevent victims like 19 year old Demetrius Brown of 300 Washington Street in Chicago from having his day in court."

Etc, etc. It was just silly. I hope this is some bullshit parliamentary requirement for the stupid fakey question answer format. If not then they think we are morons. They aren't far wrong as to 51% of Rhode Islanders and Illinoisians who voted for these clowns.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Official Helen Thomas Challenge Site

I had a link from Sondra K, my internet heroine!

She also posts that the crazy Arab Helen Thomas says she will kill herself if VP Cheney runs for president. Big talk, old cow.

We could make it happen! We could raise the filing fee and send in a petition with enough signatures! I will collect the money and do the work if any one is interested.

Then we can mock and degrade her, send her rope in the mail, put her phone on the suicide prevention do not call list.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Tragic mistake my ass!

"Every body knows that if the police have to come and get you, they are bringing an ass kicking with them".

This video saves lives!

  • How not to get your ass kicked by the police.


    No range report, duh.

    I wasn't able to get to the range Monday, work got in the way. I did buy a new loud toy. Next week.

    Monday, July 25, 2005


    Hey Pedro, learn the language!

    Any dumbass knows that if you are visiting a place where you don't know the language you should at least learn how they say "Stop! Police!" there.

    Thursday, July 21, 2005


    Check Out These Brave And Hot GIs !

    Especially the one with the goose!

    Seriously, this is so great. These soldiers are off the scale. The suicide bombers are losers.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005



    I forgot to tell about shooting the surprise rifle. When I went to the range there were some people frpm a Famous Law Enforcement Agency at one end of the ranke shooting m16s. Thats why I had to use the pistol end. There is a building between the sides of the range.

    It was just me on my side, so I pulled the rifle out and stuck in a clip. I was careful of my delicate thumb, but no need to because the bolt was stopped by the first cartridge and needed a push. Not even a chipped nail.

    Take aim, and BLAM!

    I have shot full caliber rifles before, so I braced for a jolt, but it wasn't bad. I pulled in real tight. It didn't even bruise my porcelain shoulder.

    So BLAM! tinkle BAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle

    and, BLAMZING! tinkle

    PING! OW!

    The clip lands on my head! I looked up and all the FLEA agents had gathered around behind me with these dumb(er than usual for men) expressions. "What IS that?"

    I let them shoot it and you would have thought It was a cannon. "Ow!" "That thing kicks!" "Once is enough!" They offered to let me shoot an m16, but I said "No, I'm not into little guns." It was very fun. I ended up shooting 10 clips and they think I am all bad ass.

    Monday, July 18, 2005


    Fourth of July Surprise Rifle!

    This is my great uncle Alfred. His brother Sam was killed at Oahu on December 7, 1941. Alfred joined the Army sometime before that, and this picture was taken on his last leave home. On the back it says, "Alfred, just commissioned July 4 '42." He was a Lieutenant in the infantry.

    He landed in North Africa on the first day of the invasion. He fought through that campaign and landed in France in June of 1944. He fought all through the rest of the war against Germany, finishing as a Captain. He was awarded a silver star.

    I remember uncle Alfred as a strong character. When I was very young we visited him and he taught me never to say "I think", because it sounded indecisive. To this day I say "I believe".

    His war experiences he seldom spoke about. He was pretty deaf, and that was a souvenir of battle. I do remember a few tales of his experiences, and one had to do with making his rifle work in the cold winter- he slept with it in his sleeping bag to keep it from freezing. He called it "my 8 shooter teddy bear". I now know that officers were issued carbines but he obviously chose an m1, as many infantry officers did. Carrying the soldiers' rifle made them less obvious targets.

    I've never owned a Garand, and have meant to order one from the CMP. Finally I did, and on the fourth of July...

    I took it to the range to see how well it shoots.

    8 1/2x11 paper. I'm not that good a shot, that is at 40 yards. Still minute of Nazi.

    Minute of Jap, too.

    Everybody forgets the Italians, the first Fascists. So they got an extra shot.

    I noted the serial number,

    and looked closely at the barrel- VERY closely..

    Yes, JULY 1942. This rifle and my Second Lieutenant great uncle were both manufactured the same month. Odds are millions to one that he carried this one, but who knows?

    What a pleasant surprise.

    Friday, July 15, 2005


    Went to the range today!

    I plan to post a range report on Tuesdays, a different toy each week. The one today is my newest and pretty special. The men thought so too, they all put down their m16s and gathered around. It was the thing I was shooting that they were staring at and wanted to handle, perverts.

    So more on Tuesday. Meanwhile,

  • the carnival o cordite!


    The USS Iowa BELONGS in San Fran!

    Winston Churchill thinks so!

    “What is naval tradition? It is all rum, sodomy, and the lash.”

    (Not actually his words, but his assistant said it and Churchill later said he wished he had. So there.)

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005


    Tony Blair, bitch of the mullahs.

    I just watched the idiot box news and there was a bit on about the London murderers. All British passport holders, but everyone knew they would be.

    The thing that got me was the big police lines and sawhorses around their houses. They were guarding the families from a vengeful public. There wasn't any vengeful public, there was not a soul. They are so beat down and have so much good sense that they'd never bother those families. But the government is afraid it will look like it's not loyal enough to the mullahs.

    Oh, and poverty causes bombs. Tameer's father just bought him a Benz.


    Hajji the big bad terrorist!



  • The BBC post made me think, if Hajji takes the hog dick out of his mouth and wants to get laid, which do you think will get him farther with cousin Fatima? "The BBC says I'm a terrorist", or "The BBC says I'm a woman butcher"?

    Neither! He'll just rape Fatima then have her brothers honor kill the godless slut.

    Calling him a terrorist still makes him feel like a bad ass, so they should stop.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2005


    watch this space

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