Wednesday, July 20, 2005



I forgot to tell about shooting the surprise rifle. When I went to the range there were some people frpm a Famous Law Enforcement Agency at one end of the ranke shooting m16s. Thats why I had to use the pistol end. There is a building between the sides of the range.

It was just me on my side, so I pulled the rifle out and stuck in a clip. I was careful of my delicate thumb, but no need to because the bolt was stopped by the first cartridge and needed a push. Not even a chipped nail.

Take aim, and BLAM!

I have shot full caliber rifles before, so I braced for a jolt, but it wasn't bad. I pulled in real tight. It didn't even bruise my porcelain shoulder.

So BLAM! tinkle BAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle BLAM! tinkle

and, BLAMZING! tinkle


The clip lands on my head! I looked up and all the FLEA agents had gathered around behind me with these dumb(er than usual for men) expressions. "What IS that?"

I let them shoot it and you would have thought It was a cannon. "Ow!" "That thing kicks!" "Once is enough!" They offered to let me shoot an m16, but I said "No, I'm not into little guns." It was very fun. I ended up shooting 10 clips and they think I am all bad ass.

So what was it, a Garand?

Did you see the picture of SondraK Topless on my blog?
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