Friday, July 29, 2005


Is 2 senators a circle jerk?

So I happen to land on cspan yesterday and there's Dick Turban. He says (mol) " could that 10 year old boy sue the gun dealer who sold the gun illegally? You have read the bill, will it?"

He's obviously talking about the pending bill which protects gun makers from frivolous lawsuits. So I wait for the slap from whoever he's asking, explaining that the bill doesn't prevent such a suit.

They cut over to Reed of Rhode Island, a big anti gunner.

"Why no, senator, it won't. No matter what badness a gun dealer does he is exempt."

"How terrible. Tell me, Honorable Senator From Rhode Island, isn't it true that most of the straw sales are made by a minority of dealers?"

"That is correct, Senator. What an unexpected question. In fact in your very own State of Illinois, 47 dealers accounted for 3 or more of the 288 guns traced to crime, a mere 1.62% of Illinois gun dealers."

"Thank you, Honorable Senator From Rhode Island, for that information. I had no idea, I have done no research. Since 542 guns traced from 16 dealers in Mississippi were traced to 28 homicides and 86 robberies in Chicago, won't this bill prevent that"?

"O no, Honorable Senator From Illinois, it will do nothing of the kind. All it will do is prevent victims like 19 year old Demetrius Brown of 300 Washington Street in Chicago from having his day in court."

Etc, etc. It was just silly. I hope this is some bullshit parliamentary requirement for the stupid fakey question answer format. If not then they think we are morons. They aren't far wrong as to 51% of Rhode Islanders and Illinoisians who voted for these clowns.

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