Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Watching "over there"

I watched it last week. Bochco is really good when he hits. I cant believe they canceled Brooklyn South.

This is a miss though. The first one had some dumb stuff. My faves were the flags on backwards on the sleeves and the Somme style exit from the trench into fire.

Wounded always make me cry.

Army would have contacted wife first.

What's the deal with accents? The southern guy is dumb, the ghetto guy is violent, everybody else is from la. Can't they find actors from chicago or maine? Wait- is the smart guy from canada?

Fighting on sentry duty? Who's in the car, a nun?

The sgt takes his EYES OFF THE CAR ?????

I think the cracker actor and his father are both faking, like they cant get actors really from down south.

Would have contacted wife first and in person.

The twa corbies!

Damn I hate commercials.

Smart guy is wearin hin hamas scarf.

"unit"? Buddies, platoon, but unit?

wtf army is this, beau geste? water shortage? No resupply?

GASP !!! THE NNNNN WORRRRRDDDD....... my ears just exploded !

And this hippie music, this is a vietnam movie set in iraq. Director's hippie music.

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